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While we've treated thousands of patients over the years, here is what 24 have said about Palmercare.

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Dr. Corey and his team are the BEST! They are always friendly, caring and professional and they keep me motivated to live a positive, healthy life. I have been a patient since 2009 and have benefitted from many informative, free workshops- including emotional health, nutrition, yoga and physical fitness. As a cancer survivor, I am especially grateful for Dr. Corey’s help during my chemo treatments. His adjustments helped tremendously with the side effects that I experienced- especially digestion.

Moderate to severe neck pain and my neck is now awesome. Mostly feels great and I know chiropractic care was my answer. More mobility and no more chronic pain.

You guys are awesome! You helped my kid’s reflux issues. I was hopeless before finding your help.

When I first started getting chiropractic care I was dealing with stomach issues. My [doctor] gave me medication to take before every meal so I could eat regular or spicy food. After just a couple adjustments I was surprised to find out that I no longer needed the medication and could eat whatever I wanted.

Before starting at Palmercare I had chronic upper back and foot pain. Also I had intense acid reflux. Frequenting these doctors manages all of these conditions without using medication. This has allowed me to be as physically active that I have been since college. I am 37.

The tingling in my fingers and cramping in my toes and the tightness in my upper back has decreased since coming to Palmercare.

The day I arrived for my first assessment, I had been struggling with a climbing route at the local rock gym. After my first week of adjustments, I was able to solve that route with ease. Not only that, but I suddenly bumped up my typical bouldering rating from a U-3 to a V-4 with the occasional V-5!

Everyone here has helped me with everything not just neck and back pain. Corey, Chrysa, Mees, and Cynthia have always been accommodating. I will never trust anyone besides everyone here at Palmercare. Thank you all for everything! We will continue to spread the good word and look forward to having you all at our wedding!

Five minutes with Dr. Mees does more to relieve my neck, shoulder and lower back pain than three hours of massage. Amazing!

I believe in chiropractic care. It helps with everything. It keeps you healthy. You are great for posture and help with breathing, headaches and back problems. When I didn’t follow up I was sick and out of sorts. It’s great to feel good!

I had lower back pain for about 5-6 years, with my back getting gradually worse especially in the mornings and late evenings I had to make a change. After a week of coming here my back pain has dwindled down and I haven’t felt this great in years. I highly recommend this office.

I’m on my way to better health. New patient and new to chiropractic care; the attention and insight Palmercare has provided has been a great start.

After having frequent adjustments my sinus headaches have improved.

After a car accident I was unable to move my neck and was in so much pain…after a few months…I feel so much better.

I have suffered from lower back pain since 1997-1998, sometimes severe pain that would prevent me from walking or sitting. The only relief would be to lay on the floor for a couple hours and take Advil by the handful. About two months ago I was in such pain that walking was a struggle. A friend recommended Palmercare. After an evaluation and 2-3 visits, I saw major improvement. Today my chronic back pain is little to nonexistent. I owe Palmercare all the credit for the diagnosis and treatment and for my relaxed state of mind. A HUGE THANK YOU!

I used to have pretty bad seasonal allergies and since I have been coming to Palmercare, they have almost completely disappeared.

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